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  Mt Vernon Counseling

Life is not 
the way 
it's supposed 
to be.
It's the way 
it is.
The way you 
cope with
 what it is 
makes all 

   ~ Virginia Satir
Cindy Hoerig, LPC, NCC   ~   Susan Blank, LPC, NCC             404-713-8201                       678-575-4315                   
Individual, Couples, Family
                    Please call us for a consultation ~ We are happy to answer your questions 
                    and do everything we can to assist you in becoming happier and healthier!

                                                        Peace & Blessings, 

                               Cindy Hoerig, LPC, NCC -&- Susan Blank, LPC, NCC

Our mission is to help you cope with the difficulties that life may bring. These often include:
Live. Grow. Thrive.
   284 S. Main Street
       Suite 800
   Alpharetta, Ga. 30009

Our Offices
   6100 Lake Forest Drive
            Suite 450
   Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
Panic Attacks
Incessant Worry, Fears
Couples Counseling 
Relationship Issues 
Family Counseling
Substance Abuse
Women's Issues 
Life Transitions 
Cancer & other 
life-threatening illness
Crisis, Grief & Loss
Social & Emotional Difficulties 
Growth, Self-Development 
Self-Esteem, Assertiveness
Sexuality, Identity
Adolescent Social & 
Emotional Issues

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