Everyone has times in their life when they struggle as a couple, family, or individual.  I believe that therapy can support you and guide you to improve your level of happiness and satisfaction with life.  Having an experienced and empathetic supporter can help you begin this process of growth and discovery to better understand your past and what you need to lead a fulfilled life.   

Seeking psychotherapy is an important first step in acheieving long term change in your life.  I can help you become aware of the roots of your problems so that you can begin to address them.  We will look for patterns and obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want.  I want to understand what you have been through and are going through.  I will listen to your story and give you a safe place to heal, grow, and discover new meaning in your life    

 I work with adults, couples, families, groups, and children over the age of 10. 

                                                      Specialties include:
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I believe that every day is filled with thousands of small choices that make us who we are.  I can help you open your eyes to these choices and take control of your life. 
                                                 ~ Cindy
Counseling is my second career, which I chose after my son developed a serious illness in 1995, requiring three years of chemotherapy.  During his illness, I underwent my own journey of discovery to find meaning through this experience, and it led me to do volunteer work with other families who were coping with ill children.  I found that I loved working with individuals and families, helping them cope with difficult situations, heal, grow, and discover new meaning in their lives. 

My experience has been in private practice settings and I believe great change is possible in this atmosphere because it is very flexible and can be molded to meet each client’s individual needs. I earned my Masters of Science degree in Community Counseling from North Georgia College and State University.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and I am Nationally Board Certified in the State of Georgia.  I am also a member of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia.

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The curious 
is that 
I accept myself 
just as I am, 
then I can change.

      ~Carl Rogers

Individual, Couples, Family
loss of interest in activities
loss of sleep
low self-esteem
panic attacks 
social anxiety
obsessive behavior
concentration difficulties
feeling on edge
constant worry
Relationship Conflicts
Life Transitions
premarital counseling
parenting styles
loss of trust
family/ in-law conflicts
relationship break-up
personal/spiritual growth
job change/retirement loss of a loved one
child birth/empty nest
financial difficulties
mood swings
loss of control
finacial unpredictability
loss of relationships
legal trouble
low self-esteem
Substance Abuse
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